Ellen Rehak has a singular eye for capturing her subjects in their natural habitat - on the stage, at the microphone, immersed in the intensity of work, the passion of play. Spontaneous, soulful, much like Ellen herself, her images reveal a rare honesty and a true gift for bringing life into focus.
— Grant Lee Phillips
I have worked with Ms. Ellen Rehak for years as a photographer and find her spontaneous and highly imaginative. Her shots capture a real moment and as a comic it is refreshing to find someone who can work under extrodinary circumstances and deliver the goods. Ms. Rehak is dedicated and professional. One of a kind.
— Greg Proops
Ellen is an exceptional portrait photographer because she takes pictures of people’s personalities, not just their faces. She has a gift of putting people at ease unlike any photographer I’ve ever worked with, and a unique way of seeing that really taps into people’s authentic light and makes it shine.
— Paula Tiberius
Paula Tiberius I.jpg
At my wedding Ellen was able to get the most perfect pictures of my most absolutely impossible family. She so exceeded my expectations that it is hard to not over exaggerate my praise, and I will always be impressed by the ease and joy she possessed during the process. She got the pictures you really hope your photographer will be able to get and then she got some even better ones. Thank you Ellen!!!
— Brian & Siobhan